Logo Analysis for Brand Affinity

Customers regularly express preferences for brands based on their attire. How can retail adapt and learn without compromising privacy?

Justin Donaldson


July 11, 2023

Understanding Customer Preferences with Hushh’s Computer Vision Platform

Logo Analysis

In today’s digital age, retailers are constantly seeking innovative ways to better understand their customers and build brand affinity. One powerful tool that is revolutionizing the retail industry is Hushh, a customer wallet platform that utilizes machine learning to analyze personal images and identify brand logos. By leveraging the power of computer vision and deep learning algorithms, Hushh provides retailers with valuable insights into customer preferences and behavior.

How Does Hushh Logo Analysis Work?

Hushh’s computer vision platform uses a combination of deep learning and computer vision techniques to identify logos in personal images. Whether it’s a logo on clothing, accessories, or products, Hushh can detect and analyze it. Once the logo is identified, the platform then determines the brand associated with it.

Capturing Brand Preference Over Time

One of the key features of Hushh is its ability to track customer preferences over time. By analyzing personal images and customer sentiment, the platform provides retailers with valuable insights into how customer preferences evolve. This information is crucial for retailers to tailor their marketing strategies and offerings accordingly.

Brands are a powerful way for users to express their personal preferences publicly. By capturing brand preference over time, retailers can gain a deeper and more immediate insight into what a customer is interested in when they arrive at the store.

Hushh is working on novel information displays to express customer brand preference. The following widget shows a force directed bubble plot of a customer’s favorite brands, sized according to how often that brand appears in their personal images. The widget below is fully interactive, enabling intuitive browsing of brands and brand categories.